Anita - NSW

The only baby bath towel you will need and the perfect baby shower gift for new parents!
Bathtime can lead to soapy slippery floors when taking a wet baby out of the tub, and a slip on wet floors is the last thing you need when holding your baby.
With the Cuddlebee Smart Towel, I could place my wet baby directly against my chest, immediately catch all the drips and wrap him up for warmth. The towel is so soft and so generous in size too- it's like wrapping up your baby in a blanket!
As a result, you have a happy and warm baby, no slippery bathroom floors, and a mum with her dry clothes intact!
I recommend purchasing a minimum of 2 towels so you that you always have one on hand while the other is in the wash!
Thanks, Cuddlebee- the towel is an amazing product, and I have already gifted four of them to my new mummy friends who also are in love with it!